Professional Landscape Services, Design-Build, Garden Maintenance, Irrigation

Below are pictures from a HOA renovation. If you would like your HOA renovated, contact us to get started.

HOA Maintenance

A few HOAs we maintain are Kings Ridge, Brierley Orchard Condominiums, and Mapleton Court.

We manage and renovate large scale HOAs. Landscape maintenance and improvements include:

Lawn Care: Mowing, Edging, Aeration, Fertilization, Organic or Conventional Herbicide Application

Landscape Care: Spring Clean, Weed Control, Pruning, Dead Heading, Fertilizing, Soil Amending, Mulch Replenishment, Organic or Conventional Herbicide Application, Annual & Bulb Planting, Fall Cleans

Irrigation Maintenance: Sprinkler System Repairs, Seasonal Adjustments, Renovations

Snow Removal: Parking Lot, Sidewalk, & Stair Snow Removal, Parking Lot Sand Application, Sidewalk & Stair Ice Melt Application

HOA maintenance by Wild Earth Gardens in Boulder, Colorado
We offer Specific proposals for each HOA. Contact us so that we might provide you a quality  bid.

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