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Covid-19 safety protocols

Wild Earth Gardens

Covid-19 safety protocols

No one with any symptoms is permitted to come to work.  Masks are always required to be worn.  Safety gloves and disinfectants are to be used daily on trucks and all equipment used.  When on a job site, distance yourselves at least 6 feet apart.  Do not work in teams.  Stay at least 6 feet from homeowners or anyone passing by. Do not come into the office unless requested to do so.
No one is permitted to work with any symptoms such as fever, aches, sniffles or cough.   Any crew member with symptoms is directed to stay home for at least 14 days or will need a NEGATIVE covid test to return to work. 

PPE of masks, gloves and disinfectants are provided. Each employee must wear their masks while in the trucks & on all job sites. Your Mask is your personal protection. 

The shop is equipped with medical grade gloves to be put on first thing upon arrival and to be worn throughout the day. Trucks are equipped with disinfectant sprays to be applied to door handles, interiors & steering wheels.  Disinfectant will be applied to equipment as it is used throughout the day.  

Office visitation is limited; masks must always be worn.  Office is cleaned and disinfected regularly. 

Client and vendor communication will be via email, zoom, or phone if possible.  Site visits will be by appointment & CDC guidelines & city or county regulations followed.