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Design & Installation: A quality irrigation system design begins with site analysis taking into account, the types of plants to be irrigated, sun exposure, micro-climate and water pressure & flow. Zones are designed based on area size which determines proper head choice. Garden beds utilize drip irrigation which is the most efficient in terms of water loss through evaporation. Selecting the proper, code-compliant backflow preventer is a very important detail which is overlooked by many installers. The correct backflow preventer protects your family and the municipal water supply from contaminated water. We install only professional, state of the art components for our customers.

Start-ups: Include a comprehensive check of all heads for proper operation and clogged nozzles. The system is tested for leaks and the controller programming is checked for efficiency.

Monthly System Checks are similar to the Start-up but usually takes less time as most issues were addressed at start-up. Plants and turf are checked for irrigation related stress and the system is adjusted as needed. The monthly check ensures plant health and efficient water use.

Troubleshooting & Repair: Irrigation systems are susceptible to a wide variety of problems that can cause plant stress and expensive water bills. Heads can be damaged by mowing equipment. Nozzles, filters and valves can become clogged resulting in poor performance or complete failure. Wiring can be damaged by animals, controllers can malfunction due to lightning strikes and power surges. An experienced technician can problem solve and repair in a timely and cost saving manner.

Water-saving Upgrades: Older systems can have efficiency improved by some some simple modifications. Many new nozzles can reduce water use by 30% and are easy and inexpensive to install.

Many systems have water pressure that is too high and results in water loss through misting and evaporation. If your sprays produce a water pattern that looks more like steam than rain, the pressure is too high. High pressure also puts undue strain on all system components creating excessive wear & tear and early replacement costs. Converting from spray to drip where possible will save a great deal of water. An improperly programmed controller is often the cause of water waste and can be easily fixed by a technician experienced in Colorado climate and the needs of our local plants.

Winterizing Systems: A properly winterized system protects against damage caused by freezing and expanding water. Valves and heads can be easily damaged by freezing. By far the most common damage is to the most expensive component, the backflow preventer. The replacement part is expensive as are the repair costs.

A quality irrigation company will ensure your lawn and garden thrives, while saving you money and water.

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We design, install, and maintain high-quality water conserving sprinkler systems utilizing the latest technology. As part of our mission Wild Earth Gardens strongly believes in water conservation to protect Colorado rivers and the natural environment.

Ask us about updating your sprinkler clock to a smart clock that is synced with your phone and the weather forecast.

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