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Professional  Landscape services EST. 1996 BOULDER, COLORADO

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Sustainable Landscape Care:

Our team of gardeners specializes in the care of perennial gardens & landscapes. We focus on mid-size landscapes to large estates. We do nearly everything by hand from hand pulling weeds to pruning shrubs. We use either vinegar or citric based herbicide upon request only.  We can cater to your aesthetic, from natural to manicured.  We are known for beautiful, well-kept gardens, and offer a variety of sustainable landscape management services to allow you worry-free enjoyment of your outdoor spaces.

Smart Scheduling:
We offer weekly, bimonthly and monthly garden care.  We schedule for either ½ day or a full day only.  Our goal is to spend our time in the garden and not on the road burning fossil fuels.

Caring for New Installations:
Budgeting in sufficient maintenance care is key to a successful installation.  A young landscape needs 2-3 years to establish and can easily be overrun with weeds during this phase. We recommend protecting your investment with regular maintenance. 


Our Services Include: