Wild Earth Gardens

Professional  Landscape services EST. 1996 BOULDER, COLORADO


Community Focused

We believe our community and the quality of our daily lives are improved by nurturing our surroundings, building, and maintaining places of beauty and resilience, and caring for the environment.

Wild by Nature

We are lovers of nature, plants and gardens. Our story began with a desire to create wonderful gardens with the belief that plants play the starring role. They are not only for our enjoyment but also play a key role in local food webs and the greater ecosystem.  We include a variety of native and well adapted plants in all our designs.  We have extensive plant knowledge, can easily identify desirable plants in existing landscapes, and know how to care for them.

Sustainable Practices

We believe sustainability begins in our own backyards, and have been employing sustainable practices for over 25 years.

Our sustainable landscapes include the following:

  • Beautiful outdoor spaces that enhance our health and well-being by inviting relaxation and joy and providing an opportunity for exercise and food production.
  • Food & shelter for pollinators, other beneficial insects, birds and other wildlife.
  • Water conservation through proper grading, water catchment, native and xeric plants, and water saving technology.
  • Healthy soils made with organic soil amendments and compost tea applications.
  • Sequestration of carbon by planting trees and recycling organic debris
  • Locally sourced materials that reflect the regions beauty
  • Pollution reduction by employing manual garden practices.
  • Reduced carbon footprint by maintaining a local service area and smart scheduling practices and logistics.
  • Support of local craftspeople and vendors.

Quality Career Opportunities.

Wild Earth Gardens has created career opportunities for individuals to grow and flourish as members of the Boulder Community. We provide a supportive work environment and "Better than Living Wages".