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Landscape Design


Partial Renovations & Small Projects

Design can transform a new or existing landscape. Thoughtful choice of plant materials combined with quality composition, aesthetic & architecture are the essential elements in creating a beautiful and engaging environment. We aim to unite these elements with our clients' functional needs, vision, and style through the design process.

Begin with a Consultation

Typically the best way to get started is with an onsite consultation with one of our design staff. During the consultation, we walk the property and discuss design ideas, time and cost expectations, other priorities. Through the consultation, we will be able to move forward with design or other recommendations.

Design Process - typically proceeds in the following stages

  • Complete a detailed client questionnaire
  • We collect data and map site
  • Present initial designed layout with plantings
  • Clients provide feedback
  • Further revisions and feedback
  • We finalize the details and provide a detailed estimate

Get Started - and CONTACT US for consultation.

If you are looking to change and improve a portion of existing landscape or you have a small project that may not need a design plan, we can help you. CONTACT US to discuss your renovation needs.

Example Design Plans